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You can start in your garage where you could find something rare and valuable, along with all that other stuff you’ve had for years. After all, clothing is something everyone needs but our feelings about clothing go well beyond need. There are people who practically worship clothing.

He calls it “a replay of the Jim Crow monster” from the era of mandated racial segregation, “and here it is back again, terrorizing people.” Hall and his group are among the organizations that plan to fight these Crosscheck inspired voter purges.In Atlanta, too, lawyers for the New Georgia Project, a nonpartisan voter registration group, have already begun analyzing the Crosscheck lists made public by the Al Jazeera America investigation. The group’s founder, Rep. Stacey Abrams, who is also the Democratic Party’s leader in the state legislature, has come out strongly against the operation of “the nefarious ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ system, [which] seeks to purge hundreds of thousands of voters in Georgia based on common last names and scant else,” she says.

Carrying extra weight, waking up several times during the night to go to the bathroom, and dealing with theof preparing for a baby can all take a toll on your energy level. Eat healthy food and get regularto give yourself a boost. When you feel tired, try to take a nap, or at least sit down and relax for a few minutes.

Spirit of this album, growing up in the is to me the most joyous [time] for me. That my childhood. That what I grew up on, he said. Some of these other folks don know what they talking about. I was in your situation too. When I was 24 (several years ago), I found the psychiatrist with the most foreign sounding name in town and told him I had problems paying attention.

And that is creating demand for what might be called “smaller boxes,” as well as a dilemma as to what to do with some of the old big box space. Burden says some of the space might be repurposed as warehouses for mega retailers like Amazon and Wal Mart. But Burden says those in far out suburbs or in rural areas pose the greatest risk of becoming “ghost boxes.”.

1919The Atlantic’s essay “My Family’s Slave,” in which Alex Tizon writes about Eudocia Tomas Pulido, who was his family’s katulong, or domestic servant, for 56 years. And the Philippines? Shereen and Gene talk to Vicente Rafael, a professor who has studied and written about the practice in his native Philippines. We also hear from Lydia Catina Amaya, a Filipina who was a katulong in the Philippines and the United States..

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