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At the same time, the sheer number of lights and sounds coming at you from all directions is mesmerizing. There are completely hammered people all around you, as well as hotel employees who appear to genuinely want you to enjoy your stay. It’s a trip and everyone should visit at least once just to take it all in..

Today, there are an estimated 4 million Zumba enthusiasts and 25,000 instructors in 40 countries, according to Perlman. And Zumba executives continue to feed the frenzy. The brand also offers music and choreography; a clothing line; Zumba Gold classes, geared to seniors; Zumba Toning, a sculpting class using weighted sticks that sound like maracas; and ZumbAtomic, a program for kids aged 5 to 12..

This series played seven games. This is happened to the Lakers for the first time since the Western Conference Finals. Finally, the Lakers beat their competitors and got the third appearance in the final game. Because Nike is one of the largest globally recognized retail/athletic based product companies in the world, with a brand recognition by multiple different icons ( the Nike swoosh, “Just Do It”, Air Jordan), this article provided me with a better understanding of what goes on in such a large corporate company. The importance of corporate responsibility is far greater than I had previously known, and it was interesting to see Nike’s shift from saying it was not their place to be involved in the factory conditions in the early 1990s to taking responsibility for their actions and doing something about the conditions in the late 1990s. Studying Nike was very enjoyable and familiar because I have been a loyal Nike customer since I was a child, not knowing then that the shoes on my feet could have been made by an underage teenage girl working for far less than minimum wage..

“The Spring 2015 Art of Fashion campaign is about classic, iconic fashion photography and bringing together three amazing creative forces: Luigi, iango and Stella Tennant,” said Georgia Christensen, Neiman Marcus Executive Creative Director. “It was wonderful to see Luigi and iango work together and experience their creative process. Two minds.

I’m sad to admit that after an incredible summer focused on fitness and well being, returning to NYC has been a steady stream of work, family, and no balance. I may live in the Big Apple, but sadly I’m not eating many.Today I’m enjoying an incredible experience at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon with the men and women who invented the phrase “work hard, play hard.” I’m a champion at both, but for me, it’s always all or nothing. And right now, I’m 100 percent working.RELATED: The 20 Healthiest Places to WorkOut here in Oregon, it’s become so clear to me that fitness is not an add on, not an extracurricular activity.

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