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The run started out well. Weather was nice and not too humid and i was running at an easy pace as i was with my female running buddy. Yeah, buddy run for the win! To be honest, i dont know the route. No company is more effective at bleeding history of its content and turning into a brand, than the ad people at Nike. These are the folks who gave us the “I am Tiger Woods” ads, drawing on the expression of ancient slave solidarity, “I am Spartacus” and turned the Beatles Revolution into a jingle. Well, Nike is at it again with Lebron James’s heavily hyped new sneaker ad.

West is back with his hardest, most exhilarating release yet. He brings us some of his most ludicrous rhymes like his gentle request for French pastries and personal stories to date, busting out what may be his most complete album yet coming in at only 40 minutes. He leaves listeners wanting more, but as the choir in “On Sight” declares, “He’ll give us what we need / It may not be what we want.”.

As it returns in 3D, Eli Glasner examines the experience minute by minute and discovers Cline Dion’s ubiquitous soundtrack, and James Cameron’s risible dialogue, have not improved with age. Continue reading this postSparkle trailer gives last glimpse of Whitney HoustonA trailer for the movie musical Sparkle was released Monday, giving us a glimpse of Whitney Houston’s last project. The late singer plays the mother of Jordin Sparks, an aspiring singer in the 1960s who rises with a girl group similar to the Supremes.

At first glance, the Nike LeBron 14 looks more like a Zoom Soldier model than part of the signature line. The strap, simple materials and structure is just what the Soldier line consists of. Only aspect that sets it apart and makes it part of the signature line is the cushioning setup.

But if I do have to sit through an ad I would rather it be something that I might be interested in. Even though the ad may only be 30 seconds I feel like a lot of the videos people watch nowadays are very short videos, especially where vine became so popular, so 30 seconds could be a substantial amount of time in comparison to the length of the video. I do think as frustrating as these videos are to users it is a huge space for advertisers to be in and it is important for them to know how to leverage the short time they have to entertain the viewer and hopefully not frustrate them.

Playing the game with good or better players will make the work harder; however this surely leads to perfection. Thus, if you are really serious about taking your basketball skills to next level, you need to consider being a part of such camps. However, finding the right one is not easy since there are many options to choose from.

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