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An Italian website has received some insider’s information about the retail, unsubsidized price of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Our fellow journalists say Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone will cost 699 at launch in Italy. What’s more, the handset will launch there in the first half of May, instead of the end of April..

Velcro entered the Army market in 2004 via the Army Combat Uniform, a lighter wash and wear version of the service’s original battle dress attire. But soldiers hated the Velcro and complained incessantly their name tags fell off, the loops got dirty and wouldn’t fasten, and the loud ripping sound caused by freshly opened pockets made it hard to hide from enemies. After an exhaustive survey of 2,700 soldiers, several prototypes and a lot of military know how, the Army finally came up with a simple solution to its Velcro problem: buttons..

You decide on the material. What material or fabric you choose for bed sheets is based on your personal preference ultimately. If you’re looking for something very light, you may consider sheets of cotton poplin. DCI Neville has said he wants criminals to “fear” CCTV more, but the challenge for the police is getting the systems and the budgets in place to make the most of the images caught on camera. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more..

When I get to the stimulation the next day, it not as bad as I feared. At least not at first. For the first minute or so it feels a bit like popping candy is going off under my skull. TO that end, I personally would like to see more licensed customization, as well as more things from car lifestyle companies. I been playing a good bit of MCLA recently, and loving the lowriders. Since there a real fixation from the community on the next NFS game being set in Japan, Mooneyes stuff being in the game would be pretty awesome should Ghost decide to go that route..

Diese, zuerst in Frankreich einsetzenden, Versuche von Gegen Intellektuellen” (Hauke Brunkhorst), faschistisches Gedankengut von Hitler zu befreien” (Margret Feit), werden gemeinhin als neurechts bezeichnet. Gegen die unkritische und vorschnelle bernahme dieser Selbstbezeichnung wandte schon der Klagenfurter Historiker Willibald Holzer ein, dass sich so manche vorschnell als solche entdeckte programmatische Innovation moderner Gruppierungen [] sehr rasch als oft nur geringfgig modifizierte Aktualisierung faschistischer oder vorfaschistischer Ausprgungen rechtsextremer Ideologie [erweist]”. Tatschlich sieht die so genannte Neue Rechte sehr alt aus, wenn man ihre Positionen einer genaueren Analyse unterzieht.

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