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Laten we de kritisch volgen, zoals alle belanghebbenden in de zorg. Maar met het creren van een karikatuur is niemand geholpen, patinten al helemaal niet.Henk Jan Out is voorzitter van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Farmaceutische Geneeskunde, oud hoogleraar Radboud UMC.Update 18 11 met de letterlijke tekst waarmee Cochrane zich distantieerde:Cochrane has a long tradition of vigorous, open scientific debate that we cherish, and we want to play a constructive role in the current debate on the evidence relating to the benefits and harms of psychiatric drugs, resulting in better health decision making and patient care. However, Cochrane’s ability to take part in the debate is damaged if we are falsely perceived to have taken a partisan position that we do not hold.In his article ‘Prescription pills are Britain’s third biggest killer’ (MailOnline, 15 September 2015) Professor Peter Gtzsche writes that: ‘As an investigator for the independent Cochrane Collaboration an international body that assesses medical research my role is to look forensically at the evidence for treatments’ and goes on to make a series of statements about the effects of psychiatric drugs and their use by doctors in the UK.

They put a man on the Moon a robot explorer on Mars and sent numerous satellites into space. But despite leading the way for many decades it may appear that NASA is taking one giant leap backwards. It’s decided it won’t be sending any more shuttles into space.

Azarenka’s absence is also connected with motherhood, although in her case, she has been distracted by a lengthy custody battle for her young son Leo, whom she has been unable to take outside her home state of California. The legal case is still active, according to Azarenka, but she said that she is planning to complete the so called “Sunshine Double” by playing the Miami Open anyway. After that, her future remains uncertain..

However, cancer cells exploit this protective mechanism to evade the body’s defense system. Removing PD 1 allows T cells to attack cancer cells vigorously. The initial results from clinical trials using gene edited T cells appear mixed.. Nike has based its production factories in Indonesia due to the fact that the wages are low. This is benefiting Nike as they are able to save money which can be used in other aspects of the business. However in some countries Nike have factories that provide jobs for people, although the wages are very low, some may argue the fact that it would be better to work for a small amount of income rather than receiving no income at all..

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