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In the future, our cars will be smart, and our tires will be smarter. Or so suggests Michelin. Its Vision concept this year to demonstrate the potential of tire technology makes a compelling case. Hawaii’s Governor David Ige requested an emergency declaration that President Trump did issue. And Governor Ige joins us on the line now from Honolulu for the latest. Governor, good morning.

Get Your Family and Friends to ListenWith people closer to you than co workers, you have to consider personal history as an impediment to communication. When ever you have an issue with a friend or family member, the underlying cause is rarely the discussion at hand, but more often underlying hurts or issues from the past. That means getting family and friends to listen can be even more difficult.

Do they sell those little glass roses up at the counter? Those are used as pipes for doing drugs; the area probably has some drug use. Chap stick behind the cashier? Drug users steal chapstick a lot because their lips are dry. Silver and gold paint cans for sale? Those are for huffing.

I was used as a rebound without realizing it for a one off night of sex. Then the next day they entirely lost interest in me. They went from being a kind and friendly to indifferent and cold. As you ascend the mountainside, the tour guide will describe the magnificent sights out the window. You’ll see the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Bridge from a distance, and also get up close and personal with a huge rockslide that occurred hundreds of years ago, wiping out a significant portion of the mountain. If you are afraid of heights, be sure to sit on the upslope side of the bus (behind the driver on the way up, opposite the driver on the way down)..

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Start na Siwej Polanie ma swoje wady i zalety. Z jednej strony czekajcy nas kilkukilometrowy bieg najpierw po asfalcie, a z czasem po ubitej ciece to doskonaa okazja by ustawi si na swoim miejscu w szeregu. Wyobraam sobie jednak take, e wielu zawodnikw poleci tam w pa i pniej bdzie tego aowa.

The playground at my elementary school, I strongly suspect at least one element was built by the community. There was a cement sewer junction that someone stole from a construction site. The tire swing was on a set of bearings that looked like they came from a tractor, and there was a rope that looked like it came off of a tugboat.

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