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As strange as it sounds, Samycia and Conyers discovered that crustaceans, of all things, can help fight odour. The shells of crabs and shrimp contain a substance called chitin, which acts as an anti bacterial, helping clothes that have been drenched in sweat stay stink free. Strongbody harnesses chitin from the shells and adds it to an aqueous solution with nano sized particles.

About 6 weeks out from the last time I ran, my metabolism has slowed dramatically, and I lost all my hard won calluses. Dropped from Vol State today and planning a road trip down the West Coast instead. Hopefully I be able to run a mile in 4 weeks so I can cross another 3 states off my list..

Sponsored by Hilton, Mastercard, JBL by HARMAN, and Delta Airlines, the invitation only Pre GRAMMY Gala has long been one of the music industry most prestigious events, having hosted the industry top leaders and welcomed the world most talented artists on its stage. For nearly 10 years, the gala has also included a presentation to honor industry luminaries through The Recording Academy GRAMMY Salute To Industry Icons Award. Past recipients include Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, Irving Azoff, Martin Bandier, Sir Richard Branson, Clive Davis, Ahmet Ertegun, David Geffen, Berry Gordy, Lucian Grainge, Doug Morris, Mo Ostin, and Antonio Reid..

5 points submitted 1 year agoWell, I think the way the transfers were handled matter a lot in this particular case. Guardiola really wanted Jesus and made an effort to bring him to City. It paying off already and Guardiola must be very excited to have in the squad, given the play time he had so far.

The gold leaf tattoos,developed by a partnership between the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research,are crafted from low tech processes. According to Tech Crunch, the designers used ordinary desktop graphic software to create the design, then fed the design through a vinyl cutter and layered gold leaf on top. Embedded electronic components allow the tattoo to connect to devices.

3 min Uploaded by GoalieMonkeywww. Philadelphia (White/Black/Orange) M1, Koho Revolution 587 Sr. Compare 187 koho revolution pads products at , including Koho Revolution 589 Pro Goalie Leg Pads 35+2in. Suddenly a breeze is felt and the sails begin to rustle. The wind picks up to a steady pace and the sails fill. The ship begins to move.

Dread, a Penn State signee, has averaged 16 points per game this season, with a standout 32 point performance on Dec. 5 against Takoma Academy in which he knocked down five three pointers. He made five threes again in his very next game, in the first round of the Gonzaga Classic on Dec.

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