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As we all know the most common and recognizable symbol of love is the Heart. From the angel of Magicians and Alchemists, heart is a symbol for incantation pertaining to matters related to love and romance; from the angel of many ancient cultures heart is a symbol for charity, joy and compassion; from its graphic representation of an inverted triangle, it symbolizes a vessel where love is poured and carried. Bearing the idea that heart represents love, many fashion houses have designed the accessories featuring heart shape to attract the lovers..

FLORIDO: Yeah. But, you know, there’s also this there’s this long history of near misses when it comes to hurricanes in Hawaii. And so a lot of the people I’ve spoken with have said, you know, they say that we should take it seriously. Other than a Hollywood blockbuster or a Sarah Palin book signing, few events attract the kind of camp out overnight lines that form when a new Apple store is opening. Succeeding where competitors have failed (remember Gateway stores?), Apple has created sleek retail destinations that are just as well designed as the company’s iconic products. With more than 300 in 11 countries, the stores have become temples for the iFaithful, chic geek cafes where the genius bar serves advice instead of coffee and you can take seminars in how to get the most from your Mac..

$19.99 for a month or $54.99 for three monthsGive the ultimate yogi and wellness retreat. Splurge on Wanderlust multi day festivals in exotic spots like Hawaii; Lake Tahoe, California; and Whistler, British Columbia where you can indulge in everything from ocean or lakeside yoga and cutting edge lectures to dance parties, farm to table meals and tons of other outdoor activities. Prices range from $99 for a one day ticket or $480 for a 4 day ticket to the Hawaii festival (doesn include lodging).

You know what pisses me off more than anything is all of the poser sneakerheads who enable these stupid marketing so called gurus into making us take days off of work so they can pay their rents. I 30 yrs old and sneaker collecting has been a passion of mine since I was 14. Leave the sneaker shopping to the pro Us old school cats who appreciate kicks for a cultural form of art upon which we grew up on and not just the fad of the season, or the quickest way to put a buck in their pockets.

The government decide of everything from the interest rate, to the maximum and minimum a stock is allow to freely fluctuate on a daily basis, to the exchange rate with foreign currency (mostly USD), to who can lend to who and how much. The biggest one is, if my understanding of China is correct, is an age generational one. It will be an old country before becoming a rich country..

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