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The view from the top made it all worthwhile. We picked a good spot that overlooked the jungle and majestic Angkor Wat temple. Brian took out the guide book and explained to me how the temple was a perfect symmetry of terraces on a 4x4km square. Upon first starting up the process was a bit lengthy for me. It wasn any more difficult than signing up a profile on many websites, but right before a run made it seem very tedious. Once I got things settled there was so much going on I just wanted to run! After playing around with it however, I finding all of the additions to my liking.

Just like you’ve filled out one performance appraisal form after another recommending me as a good employee over the years, I too given in a recommendation to the HR in writing about how good a boss you are. No need to thank me boss, I’m just reciprocating the appreciation that you have shown towards me and acknowledging your efforts to look after the needs of your employees. Happy National Boss’ Day!.

Since waiting for bilateral understandings or a global consensus is futile under the neoliberal economic dogma, economic areas currently only have the option to autonomously and unilaterally follow the path towards a sustainable future proof domestic economic order and sustainable social welfare by virtue of their economic sovereignty. It requires the pioneering work of at least one economic area to initiate the switchover, and thereby also give the decisive impetus for the necessary global rethinking. A pioneer who proceeds uncompromisingly will succeed, will break the ice, and will encourage other countries to bilaterally join him..

Mr. VASQUEZ: Yeah. Well, I thought about that, too. I Completed the Dirty Girl Mud Run and so can You!In July 2013, I ran in the Dirty Girl Mud Run Cleveland. In the weeks leading up to the run, I was a bit anxious. I was not in the best shape of my life, but I felt confident that I could complete the course, or at least give it the old college try.

Anthony Davis’ eyebrows have gone pro. During the NCAA tournament last March, the most famous unibrow since Bert’s on “Sesame Street” struck fear in the hearts of every team who faced Davis and the formidable Kentucky Wildcats. Davis won the NCAA Tournament Outstanding Player Award, and the Wildcats cruised to a national title.

“But he liked the girls. He didn’t want to play ball,” said Palestine. “He wanted to follow them dern girls.” The truth is that Wilson loved pitching, catching, and playing ball generally, says his son Wilson Jr., who still lives in Mobile. Hello and thanks for writing! Grrrr, my Goodwill stores do that too, and it drives me crazy! Not just from the standpoint of re selling, but sometimes I find new items that I would like to give as gifts and with a Sharpie marker all over it, it impossible. I usually avoid the items with the markings on them, just to avoid a potential conflict with a customer. Some people don care if there a Goodwill price on the item they just purchased, but there are always those who take issue with it.

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