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An official “running streak” means you vow to run at least one mile every day for an entire calendar year. We don’t think you have to be that extreme to get the idea. Try a shorter streak, like Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day in the winter or Memorial Day to Labor Day in the summer.

Elsewhere, shares in Aveva jumped 101p to 18.05 after the group said first quarter trading was in line with expectations. The Cambridge based company said that if the current pound weakness prevailed, it could boost overseas earnings. The software maker also announced that its chief executive Richard Longdon would step down just weeks after tie up talks with France’s Schneider Electric collapsed..

It is no coincidence that for the first time in nearly 100 years there are daily prayer meetings in the White House it no coincidence that Paula White is Trump religious advisor or that he is in tight with Falwell Jr., The Copelands from Texas, Richard Land, and James Dobson. If you are unfamiliar with some of the names they are a who who of the most vile people in the country. People who use religion as a con game to become vastly wealthy..

Future NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant recently suffered a torn Achilles and shortly afterward shared his frustration with millions of fans on his Facebook page. In less than 48 hours Kobe’s post received more than 400,000 Likes. Many in the media used the term “rant” to describe Kobe’s post, but rather than focusing on any negative connotation associated with the term rant (yes, he was understandably devastated by the season ending injury) the post is a perfect example of how social media can serve as a platform for authentic communication between a superstar athlete and his or her fans..

It looks better on than it does online. I also bought the Gibson Fleece Tunic in the beautiful blue color and it came in petite. A win for all.. Before we start talking, Grande puts in a round of warm hellos to her team, and collects an award she has been given in absentia. It the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity 2014 honour from peta2, the youth wing of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She may have won MTV Best Pop Video for Problem in the summer, but it a fair bet this golden pig shaped statue will gain more prominent real estate on her mantelpiece: Grande is vegan.

As a non American I see a definite up side to Trump. To bring back industry he will need to throw up trade tariffs. Wages will defiantly need to be drastically cut, 30 50%to revitalize industry, free trade removed (good for Canadian Industry). I think the problem with AMG is that they’ve targeted a lot of great managers who focused on top tier returns, but lacked the distribution side. AMG comes in and said give me a slice of the pie, keep your culture/returns, and I will raise money for you. That isn’t really a great thing when returns start to slip because A) most of the new money came in at the top and never saw the returns they looked at in the pitch book and B) super easy to redeem from most of those funds..

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